Yoga Pilates

Often called a "moving meditation," because of the incredible focus of mind on the body, Pilates is a non-impact exercise system that emphasizes alignment and body awareness. Done regularly, Pilates exercises can change people's bodies, helping them sculpt muscles and improving flexibility. It helps practitioners develop unmatched core strength, and optimal posture. It helps to improve breathing and increases efficiency of movement.
Pilates exercises focus on the "powerhouse," or the stabilizing muscles of the torso, which support the spine. True for exercises performed both on the mat and the apparatus, every movement one does in a Pilates workout emanates from the core, keeping practitioners "honest," by gently forcing them to use both sides of the body symmetrically. In order to successfully initiate and achieve a movement, both sides have to participate equally, giving the dominant, overused muscles a break, and demanding that the "weaker" underutilized muscles have an opportunity to participate, hence, literally balancing the body.

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