Yoga for Kids

Yoga for children is any form of yoga adapted or designed specifically for youth of all ages. It takes into consideration the peculiarities of every age and adapts the traditional yoga postures and routines so that kids can do them safely. Yoga can be done by children of any age, the only limitations and restrictions are caused by the children's inability to be attentive for a long time. Typically yoga classes designed for children incorporate interactive poses and games intended to hold the children's attention. The main goal of yoga for kids is stimulation of the physical, mental and emotional abilities of a child. Yoga is also successfully used as a form of therapy for kids with different physical and mental ailments.


Our method of teaching is thru storytelling, games, partner and group activities and Karma Yoga. On learning thru these practical methods, children learn to believe in themselves, appreciate their uniqueness and get more comfortable with themselves.

Our Services :

•  Yoga
•  Floor & Step Aerobics
•  Immediate Weight Loss
•  Pranayama

•  Meditation
•  Power Yoga
•  Yoga Pilates
•  Facial Yoga
•  Diet counselling

•  Exercise for eyes and
•  Muscle toning exercise
•  Personal training
•  Yoga for pregnant lady